19th century Marble Bust of Moliere


This large and handsome bust of a handsome playwright was made in France, C.1850.

!9th C. Marble Fisherboy


This large and handsome sculpture is carved from marble and was executed in the second half of 19th century, most probably in Naples, Italy.

Reclining Lady by a Fountain


This large and impressive sculpture is carved from Persian alabaster.

Alabaster sculpture of a Boy with Birdcage.


This charming sculpture is Italian, late 19th century.
It is fashioned from alabaster and is signed Pugi on the back.

Alabaster Sculpture of a Girl with a Doll


This lovely subject is made of alabaster and is French, C.1880.
A young girl in contemporary costume stands gently cuddling her doll.

Alabaster Girl with Harp


This stylish alabaster is French, C.1880.
She is all curves and softness, to contrast with the architectural element behind her.

Bust of a Girl, after Houdon


This charming bust of a young girl is carved from marble and was made in the second half of 19th century.
It is after an original by Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741 - 1828).

Grand Tour Apollo and Diana


These finely executed sculptures, after the antique, are carved from white marble and date to the second half of 19th century.