French Art Deco alabaster lamp sculpture


This stylish French Art Deco alabaster sculpture displays as a seated women in typical Deco style.

Early 20th century bronze of the whistling boy


An early 20th century bronze sculpture of a whistling boy. He is stood barefoot, hands in pockets with a whistling expression on his face and wearing a cap. Rubbed to the base but signed V.

19th Century Bronze Fisherman Sculpture By Ernest Justin Ferrand


A late 19th century bronze of a fisherman with a harpoon, he is sitting on a rock with waves crashing at the base.

Fantastic German Alabaster Of Europa And The Bull C1914


A large scale model of Europa and the bull, the bull and base carved from grey alabaster and Europa in white.
Signed to the base 'Greiner 14' Daniel Greiner was a german born sculptor (1872-1943)

A large French bronze of Atalante by George Saulo (1865-1945)


This large figure of Atlante is scantily dressed and holding a fruit high above her head with the opposite foot resting on a naturalistic base with more fruit.

19th century French alabaster 'Amour et Psyche'


An unusual model of cupid and psyche depicting a recumbent Psyche held in Cupid's embrace, her face lifted for his kiss. With a bronze plaque reading 'Amour et Psyche - Par Seguier' and signed.

'Le chercheur' French bronze sculpture by Émile Louis Picault


A good French bronze titled 'Le chercheur' probably depicting a chemist, he is looking quizzically at the potion bottle held in his hand, a satchel around his waist and a thermometer resting against t

French marble and bronze sculpture of mother and baby


This unusual marble sculpture shows a mother holding her young baby. The mother wearing a long buttoned lace dress with summer hat and holding her smiling baby close to her chest.

19th century French bronze of The Warwick vase cast by SOCIETE DES BRONZES


A good sized copy of the famous 'Warwick vase' an ancient roman marble vase with bacchic ornament that was discovered in a marsh in pieces at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli in about 1771 by Gavin Hamilton a