19th century French bust of a girl


Her bonnet well detailed and tied with a ribbon. A pretty face with downward looking eyes. A well carved flower sits at the top of her blouse. On a socle base.
French. Circa 1900.

1920s French Bronze of a gymnast


This is a large scale bronze sculpture of a gymnast. She is dressed in a corset and holding a ring above her head, balanced on one leg upon a ball which is signed ' a . chaimaye'.

Large 19th century marble of a slave woman by Pugi


A good sized late 19th century marble sculpture, of a full length woman dressed in a robe, her hands shackled together in bronze chains. Standing on a two stepped base and signed 'Pugi'

French alabaster of a kissing couple


An early 20th century French alabaster sculpture of a young couple about to engage lips. The lady standing and the man seated, they hold one another's hands in an intimate pose.

Early 20th century bronze of the whistling boy


An early 20th century bronze sculpture of a whistling boy. He is stood barefoot, hands in pockets with a whistling expression on his face and wearing a cap. Rubbed to the base but signed V.

19th Century Bronze Fisherman Sculpture By Ernest Justin Ferrand


A late 19th century bronze of a fisherman with a harpoon, he is sitting on a rock with waves crashing at the base.

A large French bronze of Atalante by George Saulo (1865-1945)


This large figure of Atlante is scantily dressed and holding a fruit high above her head with the opposite foot resting on a naturalistic base with more fruit.

'Le chercheur' French bronze sculpture by Émile Louis Picault


A good French bronze titled 'Le chercheur' probably depicting a chemist, he is looking quizzically at the potion bottle held in his hand, a satchel around his waist and a thermometer resting against t

19th century French marble bust of a girl


A marble bust of a girl, her hair wrapped in a headscarf and her eyes looking downwards. Her scarf in white/grey veined marble with a white marble face.
Indistinctly signed.
French. Circa 1900.