Recently Sold Items

Bronze Amorina


This charming little winged girl or amorina is bronze and signed by the sculptor, Jean Ronald Bulio (1827-1911).

Pair of Pembroke tables.


This impressive pair of elegant Pembroke tables are satinwood, veneered onto mahogany. They have a central drawer, either side of which is delicate marquetry at the top of the leg.

Pair of Wedgwood wall lights


This pair of wall lights are English, in the French taste. They are giltwood and have as their centres Wedgwood plaques. These plaques, on green jasper ground are from the "Dancing Hours" series.

Circular Vitrine


This elegant free standing vitrine is French. It is mahogany with gilt mounts and is Louis XVI in style.

Rosewood Mini-Sutherland


This mini sutherland table is rosewood inlaid with satinwood and boxwood. It stands on a very decorative base with a gate-leg mechanism and is Victorian.

Surprise Bar


This surprise bar is made of oak. upon opening the top doors the internal surface rises up. It comes with a suite of cut crystal glassware, which fits into recesses in this surface.

Marble Group of Bacchus and Ariadne


This marble is a Grand Tour piece "after the antique" and depicts Bacchus with his arm around the shoulder of Ariadne as he draws her cloak about her.

Walnut Bureau bookcase


This late 19th century bureau bookcase is made in the style of the early 18th century.

Marble Athena


This beautiful classical sculpture represents Athena, the Greek goddess of War and the Martial Arts. It is a 19th copy "after the antique", of a Greek or Roman original.