Pair of 19th century bronze and marble urns


A pair of 19th century gilt bronze and green marble urns, decorated with classical gilt bronze mounts.
French. Circa 1880.

Fine 19th century French ormolu and crystal box


A fine French oval shaped box in ormolu and crystal. Decorated all over with finely cast floral swags, the lid with a cut crystal handle terminating in finials with grapes.
French. Circa 1880.

Pair 19th century classical bronze vases


A good pair of 19th century bronze and gilt bronze vases. The main body decorated classical figures, gilt bronze lions mask handles and a gilt base.
French. Circa 1880.

Pair of 19th century marble and gilt bronze cassolettes


A small pair of 19th century white marble and gilt bronze cassolettes. Mounted with rams heads, floral swags and terminating in hoof feet. The marble base on gilt bronze feet.
French. Circa 1890.

Pair of 19th century French alabaster vases


A decorative pair of French alabaster vases. With shaped rims, reeded bodies and standing on square bases.
French. Circa 1890.

Large pair of 19th century French bronze and gilt bronze ewers


These are a large and impressive pair of French ewers.

Pair of 19th century French champleve candlesticks


A pair of 19th century gilt bronze candlesticks with all over blue champleve decoration.

Large pair of 19th century French rouge marble and ormolu cassolettes


A large pair of 19th century French marble cassolettes. The tops mounted with ormolu baskets of fruits, fine quality casting around the body with satyr masks to each side.

Pair of 19th century large marble and ormolu vases


A good pair of large rouge marble vases mounted with grape vine handles in ormolu, the body supported by acanthus leaves on a shaped and mounted base.
French. Circa 1880.